How to choose an RDP?

January 03, 2021

At BestBuyRDP we offer a wide spectrum of plans and products as an RDP seller and RDP shop to meet our customers to buy cheap RDP online.

We have Location-Based RDP, Workload based RDP, Residential IP Dating RDP. We can provide you RDP literally in any country in the world. Our Major locations are the USA, France, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, and Australia. If you are looking for entertainment or amateur purposes you can buy our starter RDP plan which comes without admin access. You can use our super fast RDP (remote desktop) to download and upload at super fast speed and unlimited bandwidth. You can buy cheap RDP from here.

If you are a Professional or Beginner video encoder who uploads videos to different file uploading websites after encoding, we highly recommend you to buy Encoding RDP from us. We are the first in the industry to use the AMD EPYC 7502P processor on all our encoding RDP servers. You can check the benchmark of EPYC 7502P here. It has a benchmark score of 46180 and is the best in performance. We allow only a limited slot per encoding server hence you will get Ultra-Performance with Unlimited bandwidth.

If you are looking for admin access to carry on your task who uses the RDP for programming, working and still looking for a cheaper price with high specification hardware we recommend you to check our cheap admin RDP plans where you get admin access to do your work and still use the freedom of high resources like 64GB RAM and 128GB RAM and Hardcore processor. Due to the security nature of the plan, where the admin access can be abused for any kind of prohibited activity, we have designed the plans for semi-annually and Annually Only. This plan is Only for RDP customers who are NOT into any kind of banned activity as mentioned in our Terms of Service.

If you are a Professional or Business looking for RDP with FULL ADMIN access, we strongly recommend you to buy admin RDP plans with full admin access and root access. You get complete admin access in the RDP without any limitations including power on / off, reboot option in your operating system. You also have the choice of operating systems like Windows Server 2016, 2019, and Windows 10. Bestbuyrdp is the best RDP provider for windows RDP and windows remote desktop. Bestbuyrdp is also the best RDP shop to accept bitcoins, perfect money, and any cryptocurrency, PayPal, and credit/debit cards.